What we are good at

3 pillars of Patterns Consulting:
Global Marketing Strategy
  • Managing the whole insight process from data through insight to strategy
  • Senior level experience in Marketing, Strategy, Insight to Action
  • Global Market Development and Brand Development Roadmaps (e.g.)
  • Consulting on global strategy as well as local execution
Big Data
  • Cleaning and harmonising local data into global databases at item and channel level
  • Global, cross-category, multi-source, integrated data for analyses
  • Brick & mortar and e-commerce data
  • Enhanced databases with additional product characteristics (e.g. benefit segmentation)
Report Automation
  • Building and maintaining multi-source data dashboards in Power BI or Tableau
  • Reports that allow cross-country and cross-category analyses for the client
  • Integrated channel level retail data, where available

Why we are valuable

  • Deep knowledge of the ways of working and decision making of big multinational companies: a combined 57 years of experience at TOP Fortune 500 companies as employees (Consumer and Market Insight and Marketing) in Global, Regional (CEE) and local (Hungary, UK) roles.
  • 10+ years Market Insight experience on average: high level of insight and analytical capabilities with strong focus on actionnable recommendations and strategies.
  • 20+ years of back-end experience on average.
  • Straightforward and constructive evaluation of current strategies and open communication throughout the whole process.
  • Consulting on the strategy implementation and execution process taking into account client strategy and organisational properties.
  • Leading edge data visualisation tools and PowerPoint designer resource.

Our strategy


To become one of the best Market Insight Agencies in the world.


To give our partners peace of mind.

Point of difference

We are family owned, so no pressure on quaterly or even yearly growth. Therefore…
  • No sales targets: we are only responsible for client satisfaction, good team spirit, efficiency, and our development/ happiness.
  • We solve our partners’ real problem, not their assumed ones.
We have been actually doing every step of the process. Therefore…
  • We oversee the whole process from data through insight to strategy.
  • Our processes are optimised for the end result that allows faster speed and better quality.
20% of our time is dedicated to develop ourselves or others. Therefore…
  • Our partners can observe the increase in quality and efficiency of our output.
  • Our colleagues plan long-term with our company, hence we have hardly had any fluctuation.
Confidentiality is taken extremely seriously, which is highly appreciated by our partners. Therefore…
  • We do not publish. Ever.
  • Our partners are our main brand ambassadors.
  • We have non-disclosure and third-party agreements with all global market research companies our clients work with.
We have been working in this area of expertise for quite a long time. Therefore…
  • We have met and solved lots of kinds of business, analytical and technical challenges.
  • Our strategic recommendations have proven themselves successful in the market.
  • The systems we created have proven themselves working in practice.
We do what we love doing, with those whom it’s great to work with, in a way we think it should be done. Therefore…
  • We really want to solve the actual problems.
  • We do it efficiently. We do not twiddle.
  • We only work with partners we can ethically take on.
We are small (and experienced) enough to work very efficiently. Therefore…
  • We work with the best tools (hardware and software). If those are not available we develop them.
  • We create efficient and flexible processes.
  • We are still big (and experienced) enough to fully cater to the needs of leading global FMCG companies.
Ethics is in the forefront of everything we do. We like being able to look into the mirror at the end of the day. Therefore…
  • We do not work in destructive categories, such as the ones that are addictive and/or harmful.
  • We do not work with companies the market behaviour of which we do not deem ethical.
  • We support all our suppliers. Our invoices are paid immediately. We do not wait until the end of the payment term.
  • We support our employees in a degree that goes much further than our obligation by law.

Want to work with us?

We always look for talents who can further our reputation.


Gábor Lajtos

Managing Director

Nikolett Kós

Continuous Team Leader Business Insight Director

Zsuzsanna Ádám

R&D Director

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