Who we are

We are global marketing strategy consultants analysing market research data that our FMCG clients acquire from big data companies. We look for patterns in the data – hence our name: Patterns. Based on these patterns we come up with market rules and marketing strategies.

Our company is privately owned and amalgamates the best of two worlds: multinational companies and privately owned companies. Our employees acquire world-class knowledge in marketing strategy and data analysis.

Our intention is to create an Anglo-Saxon working culture in a youthful yet professional environment where employees are valued and developed.

Patterns is a knowledge-based organisation building on people, their knowledge and creating innovative ways to make their time more efficient. We have the opportunity to use 10+10% of our time for personal and professional development through our mentoring and training system. We spend 2% of our annual net revenue on training our people, which is way above industry norms.

  • Startup-like company
  • Global Market Insight
  • Experience in Insight to Action
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Consultancy
  • Data Integration
  • Reporting
  • Automation
  • Global Market Analytics
  • Data Storytelling
  • Data visualisation
  • Big Data

Facts of our lives

  • Family oriented
  • Working from home
  • Covid protocol
  • 68
    years of skiing

  • We are open to the world. We love travelling and hiking.
  • We could form a whole orchestra as many of us play music or can sing.

  • Most of us enjoy watching theatre plays live.
  • 63
    years of playing handball

  • 68
    years of aerobics, fitness

  • We do gardening, even on balconies.
  • Reading does not sound like a big thing but some of us produce scientific research out of it.

  • 101
    years of running

Why we are special

  • Internationally acclaimed expertise and professionalism.
  • We listen to our employees and involve them in the decision making process.
  • 100% Hungarian company, privately owned.
  • Stable finances (operational reserve of 1.5y).
  • Unique knowledge.
  • Safety first: we support remote working with a strict Covid protocol.
  • We build on people’s strengths, development is more important than speed.
  • HR is part of our R&D because we take development seriously.
  • Flexibility and honesty are key values.
  • Continous development (people, organisation, processes, technology, infrastucture)


We believe in the importance of learning and we continuously study. But we know that not everyone can afford it. Therefore we support a school that works with underprivileged pupils so that these children can get the appropriate tools that help their development, capitalises on their individual talents and allows them to further develop themselves.

We are proud

We have been nominated for 4 global Consumer and Market Insight Partner Excellence Awards at Unilever during the past 3 years. Only 20 awards are given to individuals globally in a year out of which we are very proud of having won one.
  • Ethical
  • Transparent
  • Family-oriented
  • Supportive work culture
  • Our employees are our greatest assets
  • Working from home

  • Mentoring (both personal and professional)

Career at Patterns

In our recruitment process potential is more important than experience. Our selection process is tailored to the role and to the candidates. The selection and other HR processes are led by our in-house R&D.

Customised selection process:

What to expect if you apply for a job with us?
  1. The first round is a competency-based interview: we go through a number of situations with you and ask you to tell us an example of how you handled these situations previously.
  2. The second round is an Assessment Centre (AC) where you will have tasks tailored to the role you apply for. These are mainly situational and language tasks. You will also get a brief from us and you have to prepare a presentation on the given topic.
Why is this process beneficial for you?

Our attitude to this process is unique: each candidate receives a detailed assessment on their performance in a positive and constructive way that will help you develop even if we do not mutually choose to work with each other.

What to expect if you get the job?

We have a customised 2-month Onboarding Programme that will enable you to learn the job. Some of this training will be theoretical, some practical, including personal development, with continuous support and feedback. No deep water but step by step development.

Once you finish your onboarding, you will still not be left alone, we have a mentoring system in place that makes sure you will always get the support you need.

Feedback on our feedback

Would you like to join us?

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Important notice: We cannot accept your job application on any forums without your consent for Patterns Consulting to handle the specified data (see our Recruitment Privacy Policy). Please fill in the Consent form and send it together with your application (CV and cover letter).

Come and visit us

1148 Budapest, Fogarasi út 5. Bldg #27, 2nd floor. GPS address: 1149 Budapest, Dongó utca 1.

If approached by public transportation: take metro line nr. 2 to Pillangó utca and walk through the housing estate to Dongó utca. Enter from Dongó utca through the ramp.

If approached by car: please look for a parking space outside, on the nearby streets. Please note parking is not free of charge.